GREEN MANURE Phacelia tanaceti (Fothergill's)


Hardy Annual (HA) Naturally adds organic matter into the soil and attracts beneficial pollinating insects. Very fast growing, can be dug in during the summer or over wintered to dig in the following spring. Vigorous foliage suppresses weeds well and soil is protected from erosion and leaching, especially in winter. Ave contents 39g seedsHeight: 61-90cm

REDUCED: To sow by autumn 2016


Botanical Name: Phacelia Tanacetifolia

Contents: 39g seeds

Height: 61-90cm

Location: Full Sun

Hardy Annual (HA)

 Sow Outdoors: April,August,July,June,March,May,September

Flower/Harvest: April,August,July,June,March,May,November,October,September

Hints and Tips: Green manure: Can be mown before flowering to extend the cover period. Leave plants in the ground until soil is required for use, but do not let them set seed.